Non-Slip Fabrics Hips and Booty Band


Add depth to your hips and booty training with our Non-slip cotton and latex band.

This band quickly transforms your booty workout to high-impact training which triggers fast muscle activation and growth.

With this band, you are so saying bye-bye to a long exhausting butt workout session that is not result-oriented and can even prevent your hips and butt growth.

The band creates room for a continuous progressively overloads on the booty, which is the number 1 factor that makes a muscular grow bigger.

Usually, to achieve progressive overload quickly you have to lift weight or go to the gym but you can’t carry weight around and how about tie when you don’t wish to go to the gym, well this cotton booty band comes in, to solve those problems. You can carry it anywhere and still to train your glute.

Other Reason why you need this booty band to up your hips and butt gain are:

  1. They quickly active the hips and booty muscle which is necessary for booty growth.
  2. They are the most affordable and handy piece of booty building equipment you can carry anywhere without stress.
  3. They very durable and does not break due to the material type used to design it.
  4. They are easy to use and Non-slippery
  5. They create maximum tension necessary for muscle growth.

What’s included in the box?

This order includes 1 booty band of the resistance level you choose while checking out.

To purchase all 3 resistance levels, please see this product page.

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What types of Booty Workout can you perform with this band?

There are limitless hips and butt exercises to execute with the booty band, but just to name a few; here is a list of some booty workout to do with this band :

  • Banded fire hydrants
  • Banded Clamshell
  • Banded Squat Pulses
  • Banded lying lateral lifts
  • Banded Squats
  • Banded Squat Jump
  • Banded Glute Bridge
  • Banded Hip Thrusts
  • Banded Walking Side Step
  • Banded Leg Press
  • Banded Walking Forward Step
  • Banded side Hip Abduction
  • Banded Kick Backs and many more.
  • Browse throughout our blog to see lots of other options.

Comes in 3 colour and 3 different resistances. Light, medium and heavy.