Aligned Seamless Hip Dip and Booty High Waist padded Control Pant


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Our Aligned Seamless Hip Dip Padded pantie saves the day if you’re uncomfortable having a hip dip and you wish to completely take away the appearance of it in a tightly fitted clothing.

This  Aligned Hip Dip Padded pantie, comes with a seamless high waistband to help snatch the waist, control and smoothly blend of the lower belly and love handles fat, leaving you a curvy and figure 8 body.

It also assists in reducing the appearance of cellulite on the bum, hips and thighs.

How it Works:

The quality nylon and spandex fabrics it is made of makes it easy for it to stretch and shrink the waistline while the pads on the hips and buttocks provide added size and depth to your booty overall volume which creates that to sculpt figure 8 body.

Other Features:

  • Gives an Instant rounder looking booty when worn.
  • Snatches the waist for a tinny waist appearance.
  • Adds extra 2 to 3-inch on the hips and booty size.
  • Blends and totally removes any signs of belly bulge.
  • Very seamless and unnoticeable underneath tight dresses, skirt or jeans
  • Helps lifts the booty to a new high height.
  • Very comfortable and breathable with right size selection.

Who is this for:

This any for any female who wants an amazing rounder, lifted and bigger booty without exercise while avoiding the side effect from plastic surgery.

Also, this can be the perfect gift item to surprise, a girlfriend, wife and any chicky friend of yours who would love something to enhance the hips and booty looks.






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