8 Best Hip Dips Shapewear + Silicone Buttock and hip Pads for Instant Bigger & Rounder Hips.

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Having a hip dip shapewear is something to consider if you have hip dips and are not so comfortable with the way it looks in your clothes.

It could be that you are already working on your hip dip through exercise but it has not blended out completely and so you want something to still give you that fuller and rounder look instantly with no stress or side effects.

There are silicone buttock and hip pads that will just give you an instant rounder looking buttocks and hip with no trace that shows you are wearing a silicone buttock and hip pads

There are also the regular and much affordable ones that will still do the job but will not feel as natural to tough like the silicone pads.

Then you are just in the right post.

Shapewear for hip dips

Here is my top shapewear for hip dips recommendations to consider adding to your shapewear collection.

They are the best hip dip shapewear I have seen and is something you should really look into.

  •  Regular Hip Dips Shapewear
  • Silicone Shapewear for hip dips or Silicone buttock and hip pads
  • Our 3 Best Hip Dip Shapewear or Hip Dip Filler

So let’s get into one of these categories of hip dips shapewear.

The Regular Hip Dips Shapewear

This group of hip dips shapewear are usually made of Elastin and Polyester Material with a little bit of had foam padding on the hips area and on the butt area too for that extra size.

Some do not have the extra foam padding on the hips but they really work well in providing that smooth finished look on the bum and hips area with makes it a great option for those who might just the natural smoothened hip area without padding to it. 

So let’s take a look at some of the top-rated ones I found on Amazon.

3 Best Regular Hip Dip Shapewear Highly Rated

#1) – TOPMELON Women’s Shapewear Butt Lifter Padded Panty Body Shaper

This TOPMELON Butt Lifter Padded Panty provides extra paddings which will totally hide any form of hips dips that you may have due the extra hip dip filler padding on the sides and back.

The Topmelon hip dip filler will instantly increase the size of your hips and bum generally because of the pads on the sides and back; which gives you a much bigger and rounder buttocks when worn.

One more reason I love this hip dip filler pad is that it is high waist shapewear for hip dips.

That means it provides extra cinching for your waist to make you have supper smaller waist since it is combined with the hips and booty padding.

I will recommend this Hip Dips Shapewear because is very affordable and it’s something you can go for on budget and still look nice in it.

Though it looks nice, but note that the only downside is that the extra padding naturally does not feel like a real butt when someone toughs you while wearing it.

Check out the current price on Amazon

#2) – Defitshape Women’s Butt Lifter and Hips Shapewear Panties Padded

The next affordable one similar to Topmelon design is Defitshape Panties  Padded.

The difference between these 2 is the one is shorter and the other is longer and a little bit of a price variance from the last time I checked.

You will have to compare both prices then decide which one to go for.

I personally love the longer one.

You can check out the current price  for this one here on Amazon

#3) – Bodysuit High Waist Tummy Control with Butt Compression Shorts

This tummy control and booty compression short will be an option for you if you do not like to have any form of padding to your shapewear.

It will smoothen out your hip dips a little bit, but will not totally hide them like the other 2 I first mentioned.

However, they are good for controlling those excess fats and adding some firmness to your butt while cinching your waist to reduce love handle thereby making your waist smaller and the hip dip appear less noticeable.

It is also very affordable and you can see the current price here.

#4) – ChloeNoel Figure Skating Hip Pad

This is like the cheapest one on the list and yet it worth looking into if you really need to fill up the hip dips on a budget.

 And it will still get the job down, just that you will need to have a tight or other kind of bodysuits to be able to wear it else it will keep shifting due to the fact the surface is nonsticky, unlike the silicone type we will talk about below.

Check out the current price here on Amazon

How to hide hip dips in leggings?


#5) – Silicone Shapewear for Hip Dips or Silicone Buttock and Hip Pads

Silicone buttock and hip pads are the best, high quality and most natural Hip Dips Shapewear you could ever have.

It one of the best way to hide hip dips in your legging without someone noticing.

They are soft and laps just perfectly well to your hips though you still will need a pant, it is the best option if you can afford it.

It blends so smooth in your cloth and feels soft to touch that nobody will ever suspect that you are wearing something on the inside to hide your hip dips.

There different designs. see the best. this is how to hide hip dips in leggings on a budget.

#6) – Vollence Open Crotch Waist Buttock Hip Full Silicone Panty Enhancer Shaper Body Padded

The next most suiting way to hide hip dips in leggings is with hip dip full coverage pad.

They are very sizeable which give a very fully shaped bubble butt and hips that look, feel, and move like your real self.

Silicone hip pads are engineered to hug your body closely to create an enhanced hourglass figure.

The edge finishing of the silicone pads is so thin that nobody can tell where the hip pads end and your flesh begins. 


#) – Sculptress Women’s Silicone Hip Pads – Short Style

The are usually extremely durable and guaranteed to not rip or tear from normal use

If you are unhappy with the way your hips and booty looks and you don’t have energy or time to permanently reshape your booty with hip dips glute exercises, then this should be your next option.

Though it’s a little high on price, it is something you will be glad you bought because it comes in handy anytime with ANY outfit.

There are different shapes, sizes, and designs I precisely love the high waisted design and all of the various designs can be found on Amazon.

I will simply show you the links to all of the various designs so can compare prices and make your choice.


#8) – DressTech Crossdressing Hip Pads

Be sure to click on each one that interests you to check out the current price on Amazon.


General Silicone But*tock and Hip Pads Features That Might Interest You

The silicone buttock and hip pads have very high elasticity, the touch is real and not easily deformed.

Safety Material: They are usually made of high-quality medical-grade silicone, very soft, odorless with non-toxic substance, natural.

They are easy to fit for your body, you can run and jump with them you can also make a different kind of body move especially for the for high wasted design.

It is waterproof and so it can be used underwater.

Easy to wear: Easy to wear it every day for dating, wedding, party, dancing and other social outgoings. Reusable: Silicone material has reusable properties, can be reused after a simple cleaning.

My Final Thought.

The Hip Dips Shapewear you choose will totally depend on your or how much you are willing to spend to you looking the way you love to using shapewear.

All the recommendations here were carefully selected so you don’t buy something not worth spending on.

So whether go the regular hip dips shapewear or silicone buttock and hip pads, you will definitely be happy with your purchase.

I really hope for this article to help you make the right decision.