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How to Reduce Side Fat of Waist| Best workouts that target love handles( Love Handle Exercises )

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This routine on how to reduce side fat of waist is your go-to move to reduce and burn of the love handles. They are some of my best workouts that target love handles and you do need any equipment at all.

Lose those love handles and your waist will appear a lot smaller.  Getting a small waist is one of the trending things for ladies lately, this is because smaller waist makes one look stylish and attractive in almost every clothing style. 

How to Reduce Side fat of waist(Exercises for Love Handles)

And if you reduce those side fat you will look a lot stylish and sexy, that is why in post I want to share with you my favorite side fat workout on how to reduce side fat of waist

To be real with you, I personally love small waist though I’m not naturally gifted with it, I have had success in getting my waist smaller by working on my love handles 3 to 5 days a week for just about a year now.

The love handles is one of the most important place to train for your waist to poop and there are specific love handle workouts that are very effective in tightening the skin around THERE WHILE burning off fat.

These exercises for love handles shown in the video below are very light moves but are really good in getting you results.

You don’t need any equipment and for a fact, I will advise you never try to do any weighted love handle workout if you like to reduce them and get your waist small.

Using a weight on your love handle will overdevelop the muscles there and make them bigger which am sure you don’t want if are reading this.

So with that out of the way let’s take a look at some of my top bodyweight love handle challenge

You can play the video above  to see each of the moves or you can also follow along the entire video…..It is programmed as a session.

Remember eating clean and healthy food is very important to really see real changes on your waist.

If you need help with eating, please check out this article.

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Here are 10 Minutes love handle workout (how to reduce side fat of waist)

So below are the names or list of all the exercise you will see in the video above. I really hope you love the workout. They are easy but very effective moves to reduce side fat.


Performing each of these love handle exercises or small waist exercise, should take you nothing less than 20-45 seconds for each exercise.

Then, a 10-15sec rest before moving to the next love handle workout in the video and a total of 8 minutes for a set and then perform 3 to 4 set a day for 3-5 days a week.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to reduce side fat of waist

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Help share this post, you never know who it will help

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