How to Increase Hips Size Naturally at Home + 5 Exercises for Big Hips

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If you like to learn how to increase hips size naturally at home, then I will show you a few of my best exercises for big hips and you get training and nutrition tips to facilitate the process.

All over the world women try to look their best. And to do that they are ready to do all kinds of exercises, take diets experts recommend and in some cases pay money to do hip enlargement surgeries.

Also, they will not spare anything to look sexier if it is by having wider and bigger hips, then they are all for it.

Furthermore, the internet and social media have made things worse. For instance, women now have lovely pictures of models staring them in the face each time they use their smartphones to visit fashion magazine websites, celebrity, actresses and supermodels websites.

So, if you wish to have that body these stars have, you can get it naturally by doing just two things.

Eat a nutritious diet and start specific exercise routines that will increase your hips size naturally at home.

This post is has a full nutrition guide on how to increase your hip size, you to check it out later but let briefly run down a few eating tips below.

How to Increase Hips Size Naturally at Home + 5 Best Exercises for Big Hips

Let us start the bigger hips guide.

Analyze your anatomy

First, you must consider these two things before you start the journey to discover how to increase hips size naturally at home.

If you are fat or have excess weight, then your new curvy butt is inside the fat in your body.

Furthermore, it is your choice to sculpt the look you want by shedding weight in your waist area and flattening your stomach. But, you have to fight weight loss around your hips and that is where these hips exercises will do a great job in retaining your hips muscle while you shed body fat.

However, if you are slim then you will need to first of all bulk up by increasing your weight in your thighs and hips.

You do that by eating nutritious food and being consistent to get your goal of getting a bigger hip.

We must warn though that it will take time. But if you show determination, exercise, eat the right diet and take massive action daily, you will have the ideal curvy shape and bigger hips naturally.


Dietary Facts to Note

As you wish to grow your hips size by increasing the amount of body fat, you must keep the fat from forming in your waistline. All you want is a tight firm hip and not a fat flabby butt. In addition, you must eat in a responsible manner, no junks.

Then eat on a moderate calorie surplus that is how to increase hip size at home naturally.

Eat Healthy-Unsaturated fat to Get Bigger Hips

We must state that gaining fat is vital for this process to work well for skinny women. So you need to eat nutritious food which precludes eating junk food. You can eat this fat to develop that round curvy hips like.

You should eat these good fats to enable you to get enough fat and keep your waist and hips in the best shape. They include olive oil, avocados, fish oil, Coconut butter, and nuts.

For more fat option also check out this 51 food list that Goes straight to your hips.


As you burn carbohydrates to keep insulin at its normal state it will give you the size of hip you want. Therefore, you can eat carbohydrates along with other nutritious food. As you eat carbohydrates your body will store more fats that you can burn when you do exercise that causes resistance and develops your muscles.

If you are on the large size you must also decide whether you need to lose stomach fat first before increasing your consumption of carbohydrates.

Look for following types of foods to eat as they are the best examples of carbohydrates that digest slowly. They are sweet potatoes, oats, grains, whole wheat, fruits, and beans. Furthermore, as you can see, they are all plant-based carbohydrates.

Consume Proteins

As you consider how to increase hips size naturally at home, you should have learned by now that protein is your best friend. You need protein because your muscled are made up of protein. To increase the size of your hips, you must eat enough proteins. Also, you should think of amino acid too because it helps the body to make use of the food you eat and build muscles.

Furthermore, you need more proteins in your diet to increase the quantity of healthy fat in your body. Also, these are the best proteins that you need to grow bigger hips. They are as follows fish, soy, eggs, milk, nuts, dairy products, and chicken. Eat more of these foods.

In addition, eat lean meat, fish, eggs, and plant protein. For example, Soy gives the body, phytoestrogens to enhance estrogen level. This also activates fat storage in targeted areas of your body to boost your curves.

You have to look at this post for more food selection for a wider hips

Leafy Green vegetables

You need to eat leafy green vegetables because they are the main source of vitamins and minerals in the body. They also serve to increase dietary fiber and make food to digest easily. Leafy vegetables help to improve the absorption of nutrients too. Therefore, to get that curve and bigger hips include a leafy vegetable in your diet.

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5 Best Exercises for Big Hips (Exercises for Bigger Hips fast)

You may feel bored that we are bringing in exercises as you think about how to increase hips size naturally at home. Like we mentioned earlier, you need to do some exercises alongside eating nutritious food to give you that big hip and curvy butt you deserve. The exercise will be tailored to give you the needed results in your hips and butt.

To gain bigger hips, we will target the following muscles called gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius. We will also work on your tensor fasciae-late.

These exercise will target these muscle groups to create your dream hourglass look. Let us proceed.

#1. Squats for Wider Hips

Squats will increase the size of your hips and tone your thigh muscles too. It is also widely believed that squats are the top exercises you can do to give you wider hips. They will also make your muscles to grow in your inner and outer hips.

Let us look at different types of squat that you can do for bigger hips.

The dumbbell squats

To do this move, start with your feet a bit wider than your shoulder width. Carry a dumbbell in front or on each hand.

Allow your palms to face inwards. All you do next is to go down slowly lowering and bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the mat or floor.

Now, get up to the starting position while tightening your abs during the move to keep your spine stable.

#2. Split leg squats

Start this move by standing beside a bench that is elevated. Begin by holding a barbell across the top of your back or on your sides and can still do this exercise without a dumbbell.

Next, raise your left leg behind your body and put the top of your right foot on top of the bench. You can stop when your thighs are parallel to the mat.

Now raise yourself up to the start position. You can do this and repeat it a number of times and keep alternating the move on both sides of your body.

#3. Side-Lying Hip Abduction Exercise

To start this move, lie down on the mat and stretch out your legs. Now bend your lower arm and put it behind your head for stability. Keep your hips and shoulder in alignment vertically to the floor.

Now, slowly raise your upper leg on your lower leg and keep your knees in a straight line. But keep your knees and feet in a neutral position.

Try and hold this position until your hip slants and your waist falls into the other leg on the floor or as you start feeling the tension in the lower back.

After this move, return your legs to the beginning position slowly. When you finish one set do the other leg too. Make sure you do not raise your legs up so much. Don’t let it get above 45 degrees so that it does not affect your hip.

#4. Standing Side Abduction Exercise

This move is similar to the side-lying hip abduction. The difference is that you do it standing. Start by holding a wall. You can decide to carry a dumbbell in one of your hand or perform this without a dumbbell and your hands on waist.

Next, if you are using a weight, let the Dumbbell rest on your outer thighs and then rise that leg up to the side. Keep your back in a straight line and stand straight as you perform this move and if you are caring a dumbbell just lift your leg to your sides. and repeat for 15 to 30reps then move the other leg.

You can also do this exercise routine with a resistant band.

#5. Donkey Kicks Exercise

This is an exercise that is guaranteed to yield maximum results and it is part of the strategy to consider as you think about how to increase hips size naturally at home.

To get wider hips, another sure exercise that would definitely yield result is the donkey kick.

To do this exercise, you should start this routine by being on your knees, on all fours. Keep your elbows exactly below your shoulders.

Next, move your right knee to your chest and kick your feet back as high as you are able to do it.

You can repeat the same move on the other leg and kick your feet back as high and as far back as possible. Repeat this move on each leg 15 to 20 times.


In this post, we showed you how to increase hips size naturally at home. Also, you learned that you need to eat the right diet to get good results.

In addition, we outlined 5 exercises for big hips. But the main thing you need to know is that it takes time to get that big round curve you dream about. Furthermore, you have to be consistent and with a little effort daily you will reach your goal.