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Step by Step Guide on how to increase hip size fast + Foods & Wider Hips Workout for Hip DIPS

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Do you have hip dips? Do you want to learn steps on how to increase hip size fast and fix those hip dips?

If yes,  then this article is for you.

Among the toughest Muscles to active in our body is the hip muscles, especially if you want your hips and butt to get bigger and rounder.

How to Get  Wider Hips|Nutrition Tips +Foods that Increase Hips Size

The reality is, the mere performance of  Wider Hips Workout may not build up the muscle, you need to abide by some diet and workout rules when performing any wider hips exercises.

In this article, we will discuss some of the necessary requirement for increasing your hips.

And I will also be sharing with you a few of my best Wider Hips Workout for increasing your hips.

One reason why the hip muscle is difficult to body up is that it’s a tinny muscle and so head to activate.  Most Women give up along the line seeking to increase the size with no result.

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At some point, however, I was frustrated myself not knowing why am not seeing changes or increase.

But when I figured out what the problem was; I was able to make my hips bigger as you will see in this Wider Hips Workout video.

The exercises will come toward the end of this post, but before then, let’s take a moment to talk about the primary body-building principles you need to apply to see the result from any hips or butt workout program you ever try.

There are 5  principles you must apply to grow your butt or hips? I call them the “FIVE YOU MUST” principles.

These are what YOU really NEED to increase those hip muscle and fix your hip dips. off cause there are more to this, but this will get you going.

So what are these principles?

well read through Step by step instructions  and sure learned so much about how to increase hip size fast and get those bigger hips the quickest way Naturally

How to Get Wider Hips  Dieting Principle and Tips


What are the power foods?

All things considered, in a straightforward term, power foods are those nourishment classifications that your muscle relies upon to increment in size or mass.

What’s more, they are: (i) Protein, (ii) Carbohydrates, (ii) and Fat

Of cause, vitamins and minerals are also very essential; however the above are the fundamental bodybuilding pieces.

 Foods that increase hips size


Protein is the essential food to eat when attempting to bulk up or develop muscles.

They are aid your muscles to develop,  repair and replaces dead tissues as a result of performing an intense but necessary workout.

Amid the repair and replacement process, the muscle gets bigger through this process.

If for any reason that you don’t eat enough protein throughout a day and you do any hip workout in this post, you will be losing your hip size as opposed to increasing it.

The suggested measure of protein in a day to keep up your muscle is 0.8 grams for every kilogram of your body weight.

Nonetheless, if you will probably build your muscle measure, it is suggested you consume 1.5gram to 3gram protein equivalent to your body weight.

For instance, a 60-pound individual attempting to build up, therefore, would need to eat close to 90 grams of protein consistently to put his/her body in a state to develop and grow.

Here are some protein sources to pick from. the are the best foods that increase hips size because they have complete protein amino acids.

Protein foods that increase hips size

A Few Protein Sources to Consider:
  • Eggs
  • Fish (tilapia, salmon, and fish)
  • Lean Red Meat (Beef)
  • Poultry (chicken and turkey)
  • Beans/Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Cheddar
  • Yogurt
  • Soy Milk
  • Protein Shakes
  • Soy Beans
  • Pumpkin seeds

Carbohydrate is another power food you want to eat as long as you need hip muscle.

Carbs are the body’s energy provider in the form of glucose which is stored in the muscles as glycogen.

It is with the presence of the glycogen that you have the energy to perform your workout.

The truth is glycogen can likewise be produced using protein. So on the off-chance that you don’t eat carbohydrate at all; your body will begin to convert protein to glycogen for energy during a workout program.

Also, that is known as a catabolic response, where complex substances are used to form simpler ones.

Your body is in this state will prompt muscle decrease.

For you to build up, your body should be in an anabolic state. This is the point at which you develop utilizing littler compound to shape complex ones.

So you have to eat carbohydrate to keep your body from using protein.

I suggest you eat complex carbs more than the simple carbs.

These are complex carbs to get your carbs from.

Complex Carbohydrates:
  • Oatmeal
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Brown/white rice
  • Yam
  • Acorn squash
  • Rice
  • Legumes
  • Corn
iii) FATS

Indeed, notwithstanding when you need to assemble a flawless body, shed pounds or simply bring down the fat rate in the body, regardless of all these, you also require fat in your eating.

That is on the grounds that they are the principal energy sources in the body as well.

They work as one with sugar to give you vitality amid your workout session keeping in mind the end goal to protect the protein from being burned.

In spite of the fact that you have to eat fat, please avoid saturated fat.

And please, stick to the solid fat (unsaturated fats).

Unsaturated fats stay in its fluid state under a room temperature AND are less demanding for your body to separate. This is dissimilar to the immersed fat.

Rundown of Unsaturated Fats Source:
  • Avocado
  • Nuts: Almonds, shelled nut, hazelnuts, walnuts, and macadamia
  • Vegetable oil
  • Olive oil
iv) Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals cannot be neglected so endeavor to include them in your daily, in light of the fact that they additionally add to ensuring that your muscles are fully formed.

Make sure to include the following minerals and vitamins to your everyday meal.

  • Calcium – Best Sources (almonds, sesame seed, and yogurt)
  • Copper – Best Sources (Peanuts, sardines in tomato sauce, crab)
  • Magnesium – Best Sources (Green verdant veg, garlic)
  • Zinc – Best Sources (Red meat, pumpkin seeds)
  • Omega 3 – Best Sources (Brazil nuts, flaxseed oil, salmon, mackerel, walnuts)
  • Vitamin C – Best Sources (Citrus organic products: oranges grape, lemon)
  • Vitamin D – Best Sources (angle oil, olive oil, eggs)
  • Vitamin E – Best Sources (avocado, carrot)
  • Vitamin B12 – Best Sources (Eggs, marmite, meat, drain)

How to Get Wider Hips Training Tips


When you work the hip muscle, you are basically tearing the muscles fiber.

Furthermore, it is this harm that puts the muscle in a condition of needing substitution and repair component.

This repair/substitution process is the thing that achieves the increment in the size of the muscle. How?

Since the new muscles set that is created to supplant more seasoned ones, are normally more grounded than the past

What’s more, the more grounded they are, the bigger in the estimate they will be.

That is the reason we normally property an enormous and solid person to being solid.

Be that as it may, the certainty remains that you have to make enough to harm to realize an expansion in the hip muscles.

But how do you know what level of damage is enough?

Basic, challenge the muscle each time you work out until the point that you feel sore and can never again perform the workout.

Furthermore, even 2 days after you should, in any case, feel somewhat sore from the past workout.

A very much prepared muscle will feel sore 2 days subsequent to working out.


So should of the time I see individuals make butt building difficulties and the guidelines on how regularly to perform the workout program seven days is normally not right and will not yield any outcome.

The vast majority of those difficulties will teach you to complete the challenge each day.

Such practice will not take into consideration the muscle to recoup and repair itself.

It is the recuperation and repair time that the body develops new more grounded muscle which is typically bigger and even the old harmed muscle that survived are likewise more grounded and bigger.

Prescribed recurrence to develop muscle is to just work the muscle 3 or 4 times in a week and nothing more.

But you are taking supplements for fast muscle recuperation.

Primary Step on How to increase your hips at home


Consistency is the next key to settling your hip plunges and making your hip muscles more extensive. Why?

Since, in the event that you work the muscle for a couple of weeks and stop; your hips will essentially backpedal to previously, leaving you to nothing.

Notwithstanding, when you have achieved the hip measure that you need, you will still need to be working out to maintain the size.

That implies you will not have to propel yourself past the number of reps and sets that got you to the current muscle estimate.


Indeed expanding the hips muscles demands you to be certain, consistent,  tolerant and patients. It isn’t something that will come overnight.

Most circumstances it could take weeks, months and years to achieve the wanted size.

In any case, as long as you are consistent and patients, you will without a doubt achieve your objective in the event that you apply the tips in this article.

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How to Increase Hip size fast with Exercise for Big*ger Hips

The following are few prescribed Wider Hips Workout Routine to Widen and give you bigger hips.

The first routine takes around 8 minutes and the second routine takes is around 6 minutes.

Every standard is composed particularly to upgrade and extend your hips.

Pick one, and then take after the routine 3-4 times each week with appropriate sustenance as examined before in this post and you are certain of getting phenomenal results.

How to Increase Your Hips at Home

Here is how to increase your hips at home with bigger hips exercises that do not require any equipment or fitness gear. below is the 8 minutes wider hips workout video in promised you in the beginning.

this routine target the connecting muscles of the hips altogether. please watch.

8 Minutes Wider Hips Workout to Fix Hip Dips


  • To perform Lateral Lifts, stand tall clutch a divider for adjusting.
  • Then lift one of your legs off the ground and stretch out to the side.
  • Drop down the leg to finish a move.
  • Repeat the development for 45 to 60 seconds.

This move focuses on your hip muscle, the gluteus medius.

Endeavor to keep up appropriate shape all through your workout and be predictable. You can continue modifying your position until you fill it on the hips.

CHECK the video above if that is the best choice for you.


  • To perform this exercise, essentially go down to a board or push up position.
  • Then slide the right leg toward your right elbow and slide it back to begin.
  • Alternate the development on the left leg.
  • Slide the left foot to meet with your left elbow, then slide back.
  • Keep substituting the motion for 45 seconds.

This exercise works your love handles or midriff AND helps aligns the side fat on the waist with the hips muscle to diminish the appearance of the hip plunges.

The workout additionally works on the center muscle and upper body also.


  • To carry out the action squat exercise, basically stand straight with your feet separated and toes pointing forward.
  • Push your hips in reverse as though you are sitting in a seat until the point when your thighs end up parallel to the ground. Your knees should not go beyond your toes.
  • Hop for on the squat position for 2 times, then stretch out your privilege leg to the side and fix it.
  • Go back to squat and bounce 2 times, stretch out the left leg to the side and bring it back. Rehash the moves for 45 seconds.

It is additionally alright to simply bounce on coming down to a squat without stretching out your legs to the sides in the event that you have knee issues.

Make a point to keep your abs contracted. You will feel the strain in your abs, thighs and hip muscle.


  • For this move, descend to your fours on the floor then raise your privilege leg off the floor and stretch out to the side.
  • Your knee bent to a 990-degree angle, then bring back your leg and rehash for 45 seconds.
  • Switch sides and perform the same proceed onward the left leg at the same time.

Make sure to hold your back straight all through the workout and hold in your abs.

EXERCISE 5: High Hydrant KICKS

This is easy like the hydrants come to your fours on the floor then straighten out your proper leg into the side.

  • Then kick forward for 45 seconds. Repeat the move on the left leg. please see exercise move on 1:53sec of the video above.

Additionally, try to keep your spine straight throughout the workout and hold in your abs.

That finishes this workout program.

You may want to progress to our 15 Minutes wider  Hips Exercises for bigger hips size below

15 Minutes wider  Hips Exercises for big*ger hips size

Please watch this for a new set of workout

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