How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips Without Exercise

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Lately, there has been a lot of noise about hip dip and how to get rid of hip dip without exercise, or with exercise. What is the violin hips? Do exercises get rid of hip dips? Which type of hip dip exercises works? This controversy goes on daily.

But are there really ways to get rid of hip dip? What are hip dips? Can you get rid of it with surgery? All these questions are real-life concerns of many ladies who are conscious of their body and wish to look better.

There is nothing bad about that. So, to answer all these questions we have put together this article to give you peace of mind.

In this post, we will show you how to get rid of hip dips without exercise.

How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips Without Exercise

Let us begin now by defining Hip dip.

What are hip dips?

Hips dips are slumps or dips along the side of your hip bone. Some people have given this hip dip a name like violin hips. This is how to describe it just imagine the sides of your hip looking like a half-moon or well-drawn curve that depresses at the edge. Also, in some cases, you barely notice them whereas in others they are clearly big. You should also know that these indentations are natural and normal physical structure of the body.

What are the of causes hip dips?

You find Hip dips where the skin is joined to the inner part of your thigh bone or the Trochanter. For some people, it is annoyingly more visible than in others due to how wide their hips are and the shape of their pelvis. It also depends on how the body fat is allocated to parts of the body. Also, they are more visible with certain types of clothes you wear.

As we said earlier hip dips are due to the shape of your pelvis. So, for example, if your pelvis is very high and you have wide hips you may have a tiny hip dip between your hip bones and the place where your thigh bones start

Can you get rid of Hip dips with Exercise?

Many ladies agonize about how to get rid of hip dips without exercise just as others think about how to get rid of it with exercise. Well, as things stand, there is no amount of exercise that you will do to alter your bone structure. It is natural. So it means that you cannot totally get rid of hip dips using exercises.

However, you can do some things to reduce the hip dip or slumps on the side of your hips and boost your look. This will make your hips more rounded and without the hip dips.

So, don’t fall for any fitness expert’ who will give you a series of exercise routines that will purportedly remove the hip dips. Exercise can only reduce and enhance appearance.

If you overtrain the hips muscle in a quest to get rid of hip dips, you may end up making the dips even worse and more obvious.

The problem when they may arise when they prescribe exercise routines for you is that there is no muscle in the place where your hip dips.

Although you can do exercise to make your side butt muscles to fill up the indentation, this takes time and it does not fill the dips completely.

Can I use Surgery to fill the Hip Dip?

This question is so common. People sometimes want to get rid of hip dip with plastic surgery. However, what the surgeons do is to fix fat into the area where the hip dip is. When they do it it might make the place around and give it a good shape and make it look fuller than before.

But, no one would ask you to go to this extreme way because we cannot guarantee how long the dip will stay full after surgery and whether it is safe.

Also, it might be a bit costly to do surgery. For example, If you do a hip implant it might cost you up to USD$8000 while doing a fat transfer might cost you up to USD$5,000.

We also know that some people prefer injections to surgery because they are more affordable. So, if you can afford it, this is how to get rid of hip dips without exercise.

While considering surgery it important you notice that there are consiquencies to this.

some people have even lost their lives as a result of this.

We will always recommend you go for the alternative safe route which through exercises and wearing a garment to just covers the dips.

See this article for some exercise and read then below some of the hip dip undergarment pick for you.

How do you reduce hip dips prominence?

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As you think about how to get rid of hip dips without exercise, we suggest you try the following things to reduce the prominence of the hip dips.

  • Start by creating an illusion – change your wardrobe and posture.
  • Stay away from tight-fitting low waistbands that accentuates your figure
  • Wear compression Shapewear to smooth out the hip dip
  • You may also try padded underwear to cover the hip dips. See this one here.
  • Stay away from high-waist clothes and tight bottom clothes. Except you have a tiny waist and wish to display your curves.
  • Wear longer flowing tops
  • Get more baggy clothes like A-line skirts, dresses, and ruffled dresses.

ShapeWear butt lifter pants

How to get rid of hip dips without exercise may seem impossible at first but you can also try Shapewear butt lifter pants.

Furthermore, you can use Shapewear made from Elastin and Polyester materials with some foam padding for the hips area and on the butt for extra size.

In addition, you can also wear regular Shapewear Butt Lifter padded pants to hide the foam on the hip dip.

There are also Shapewear made of Silicone for hip dips. Use them to give you that rounded look you want.

You can check my full detailed post on affordable hip dip pads to go for here.


When you analyze all the fashion trends and the noise about how to get rid of hip dips without exercise, raging on the Web, what you should take away is that you cannot get rid of it with exercise.

Also, you can use surgery if you are so desperate but we do not recommend going that way.

The best solution is to use illusion, clothes and body enhancements to create that smooth round curve you want.

Irrespective of whether societal trends favour the hourglass figure as the ideal, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

Lastly, hip dips are natural, just love your body.