How to Get Bigger Hips in a Day Without Exercise

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It is fascinating that all of a sudden there is an unusual increase in the desire of most ladies to have curvy behinds.

On the Web, you see queries for “How to get bigger hips in a day without exercise”.

You also see queries for “how to make your butt bigger with exercise“. 

 Well, the aim of these ladies is to expand their butt either with exercise or without exercise.  

The internet has also made it easy for you to follow movie stars, musicians and models who are always looking their best all the time. 

It is a good thing to wish for a beautiful body.  So, in this post, we will focus on how you can get bigger hips in a day without exercise.

 If you like to grow permanent hips and b**ty with exercise, then see this post with detailed step by step guide on how to do so.

Let us see the processes and what you must do to get it. Let us begin now.

How to get bigger hips in a day Without exercise

Here are the ways that you can get bigger hips in a day without exercise. They are as follows. You can start by:

Making your Waistline Thinner

As you imagine how to get bigger Hips in a day, you will readily see that you can get it by reducing your waistline.

There are many waist-pads that you can use to make your waist seem thinner than it is. How these waist pads work is that they squeeze and reorganize the muscle of the waist?

Also, you can use a girdle to make your butt appear bigger than it is.

For example, if you wear a girdle your small waist will make your buttocks look wider and your hips wider as well.

You can also use vertical stripes to make your hips appear bigger.  There is a common belief that if you wear clothes with horizontal stripes, you will look fatter. It is an illusion called the Helmholtz.

These little changes are faster ways to make your buttocks look bigger and have more curves. So, if you want how to get bigger Hips in a day without Exercise. Try these methods.

If you like to choose the right waist trainer for you, then check out our guide on waist trainer selection.

How you walk

How you walk is another way of how to get bigger Hips in a day without Exercise.

The way you walk will make your butt bigger.  For instance, the Catwalk is a good way to improve the way you look.

The methods are by arching your back and raising your shoulders. This has the effect of making your butt appear firmer, bigger and having a better curve.

The long and short of it is that it makes you appear larger than life.

Choosing a Good diet and Go to bed Early

Early to bed is early to rise. Also, having a good sleep will affect your appearance in the morning. You will not feel rushed when you sleep well at night.

In addition, you have enough time to do a lot of things like read your emails, jug, take long walks, ride a bike and build your energy for the new day. Those exercises build your muscles too.

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water will help to flush your system of toxins that gather as you do your daily activities and burn calories too. This keeps you lively all day. 

 Also, water plus electrolytes aid your muscles and cells to stay hydrated and keep you full of energy. So you are more physically active which is translates to more action or work on your hips, legs, and your body.

This continuous activity daily will help to widen your hips and makes your butt firmer. So, you get an excellent posture and wider hips by taking enough water.

Eat High Protein Food

If you want to get a bigger butt, then you must eat quality protein-rich foods. Cut off fats from your diet. Eating protein-rich food will help to build muscles on your butt without fats. Furthermore, eating protein foods like eggs, dairy foods, lean meat, chicken, green vegetables and more, will help you to get bigger hips without exercises.

A more comprehensive protein list can be found in this article 51 food list  that to the hips

Your Clothes and Posture

As you consider how to get bigger hips in a day without Exercise, you can think of the types of clothes that you wear and your posture. This is like performing a magical show on the people that see you.  Get clothes that reduce the size of your waist and then move like a cat.

To help you move like a cat, here is the guide on how to do the Catwalk. Following these tips.

Stand erect in an attention position, but keep your body loose. Next, arch your back and pull up your shoulders and then put one foot forward and the other behind. Now walk slowly swaying your arms and hips.


In this post, we showed you how to get bigger hips in a day without Exercise. We talked about how your clothes, posture and the way you walk will make your butt appear bigger. In addition, we discussed how you can use girdle, eating protein-rich food all help to build a bigger butt.  Use these methods and send us feedback.

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To really increase your hip permanently you need hips or lower-body exercises to get results. You can watch this workout video below for wider hips workout, it has some great exercises for building rounder looking butt for both slim and thick girl.