How To Get Bigger Hips In A Day + Exercises to Get Wider Hips that really works

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In this post, I am going to try much as we can to give a correct answer to the following common question we always get in our inbox.

  1. Is it possible to widen your hips?
  2. How to Get Bigger Hips In A Day?
  3. What are the Best Exercises to get wider hips that really works?

With these in mind let’s start with the first Question, “Is it possible to widen your hips?”

Is it Possible to Widen Your Hips?

Getting a bigger hip has recently become the craze of the town as movie stars flaunt their curvy behinds and make all the girls who have ordinary looking hips feel as though something missing in their lives.  Well I want to assure you not to feel less of yourself due your looks, just do the best you can leave the rest, be happy.

And yes back to answering the question above:

Yes, absolutely it is very possible to widen your hips. And majority for ladies have different means to achieve that. In personally overtime have been able to grow my butt and hips up 4 inches from 38 to 41 now.  

How To Get Bigger Hips In A Day

Well getting an hourglass waist and curvy booty is achievable but it takes time. So, if you ask me how to get bigger hips in a day and whether it is possible, the answer is that it depends on what you are willing to go through.

We will share other ways to get wider hips that would take a little more time and one that could almost be instant.

So, the question is, do you wish to get it by doing surgery or use the natural ways?

our answer notwithstanding, there are exercises you can do to get wider hips and they work.

So, I can safely answer the question we posed earlier by saying that it is possible to get wider hips.

So, let us see how you can get this goal. But, I must warn you that it depends on how committed you are to this goal of getting big butts that will determine how fast you get it.

This post will show you the practical ways on how to get bigger hips in a day without surgery.

Let us begin.

From our numerous hips and butt building research, it is not possible to grow a hips and butt overnight with exercise. We always talk about the muscle building process allover our post.

You can read this post for a full details process.

Muscle growth irrespective of the muscle involved requires time to get them to grow bigger in size.

I most also say that if you are a beginner in working out, you might notice a hips increase overnight after an intense workout and good meal. This is real anyway.

However, if you want to make you butt bigger overnight then you need to can sider surgery like mentioned in the beginning of this post.

When considering surgery bear in mind the side effect and danger posed from this.

We never recommend it in anyway and so we don’t talk about it here.

Do Exercises that focus on the hips

The following exercises are created to work on your hips. They are Side leg raises, Hip raises, squat kicks and shoulder squats. It has been discovered that the side lunge with dumbbells is quite effective.

The exercise routine creates a lot of resistance in the hip area to give additional growth in that place. So you need to do a regime of exercises to create that hourglass look you wish to have.

Best Exercises to Get Wider Hips that Really Works

Perform the following routine increase your hips.

#1. Side Lateral Lunge

  1. Put your feet up to 2 to 3 feet apart, turn your toes out a little and bend your right Knee to create the lunge posture. But your left leg must remain straight to form the pivot.

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