How To Do Squats Properly For A Bigger Bum + 5 Additional Bum Exercises to Get a Bigger Bum

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The hype for bigger bum is on fueled by the use of social media and the fact that those who have bigger bum just keep flaunting them.

If you have a normal bum and wish to increase it due to the unusual activities on the web, you can do so. 

So if bigger bum will make you look good and stand out of the crowd of normal ladies then it is worth having.

But you should be ready to pay the price by doing some exercises. One popular one that expands your bum is the Squat.

To help you learn all you need about the squat routine, we will show you how to do squats properly for a bigger bum, give you 4 additional bum exercises you can do to get a bigger bum and tell you how many squats a day to get a bigger bum.

Let us begin without wasting time.

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How to do squats properly for a bigger bum?

First, we must state here that doing squat can give you a bigger bum. What you need is how to do squats properly for a bigger bum.  If you use wrong forms it is your quads that will get the impact of your exercise routines. Sure it will increase your quads but your bum will remain untouched.

Common Mistakes to avoid if you want Bigger Bums

1.      Your Squat is not shallow

If you fail to squat properly your glutes will not receive the full impact of your squat.

Do a 90-degree squat so that you are parallel to the floor. Also, if you can go lower than 90 degrees, it is better for activating the glutes.

2.      Carrying too much weight distorts form

Don’t use weights that are too heavy. If you do you will not perform the exercise properly especially when you have not mastered the move. Then you must go deep enough to affect your glutes using lightweight.

Therefore, carry a lightweight so that you are able to do the exercise well. In addition, it will be better to slow down the exercise process.

Another thing is that you must link your mind to fire up your muscles.

3.      Position your Foot well

It is vital you put your foot properly when you do squats. So do not put your feet too closely so that you don’t end up building your quads rather than your glutes.

Also, when you do the squat with a Smith machine, instead of a standing Barbell, position your feet a little bit forward to prevent your knees from going further than your toes as you do the squat. Do it well to remove stress from your knees.

Hip Resistance Bands for Activating Glutes

To fire up your glutes so that it responds to your squat exercise routines, do hip resistance bands exercises first.

However, these exercises will only tone your glutes but they are good for pumping blood to your glutes. So, here are 4 glutes activation exercises you can do to activate it with bands.

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4 Butt Exercise for Activating Your Bum

To do this exercise you will need hip resistance bands put on your knees. Also, when you do these exercises you must keep your knees apart continuously.

The routines are:

  1. Do the Glute Bridge – 30 reps
  2. Next, do the Seated hip adduction – 30 reps
  3. Do Squats for body weights only – 30 reps
  4. Finally, do Lateral walk by doing 5 each way – 30 reps

After you complete this activation exercise, your butt will be ready to get all the action that will make it expand. Also, you can do these resistance bands exercises as you do the squats.

Here is an in-depth post on how to activate your glute with some side glute workout.

Tips for doing squats properly for a bigger bum

If you wish to do squats well so that your glutes are fired up and you get the best out of the squats, follow these tips.

1.      Position Your Foot Well

Keep your feet shoulder width apart. So, if you do the squat with a Smith machine, instead of a standing Barbell, position your feet a little bit forward to prevent your knees from going further than your toes as you do the squat.

Do it well and remove stress on your knee and fire up the glutes than the quads.

2.      Do it deeply

Make sure you squat deeply and make your legs parallel to the floor. But if you can go lower it is better. If you are deep enough, it will make your muscle fibers to work harder.

It will stretch your glutes so that you will feel the impact after you do the third set of squats. 

In addition, carry a lightweight when you do the squat to protect your back from accidental injuries.

3.      Have Good Form

Don’t carry heavy weight and ruin your form. Instead, keep your mind on your glutes muscles and make your reps slow. It will work well on your glutes.

Don’t carry heavy weight and end up building the quads.

4.      Do Heavy and Light reps

When you do the squat you can do heavy when you do 8 to 10 reps and go light when you do say 20 reps. For example, as you alternate the heavy and light routines, your butt and your quads will feel the exercise routine and benefit more.

5.      Do your Routine Slowly

To activate muscles and stimulate the growth that you need, slow down your motion on the negative side. But use great speed when you do the positive moves.

This alternating motion pushes blood to the muscles of the butt that you are targeting and helps it to grow bigger.

6.      Try to Sense the Stretch

At the end of each rep, try to feel the stretch to make the glut muscles more active. This will enable faster growth.

7.      Don’t Do Cardio

You should not overdo these exercises. Don’t turn your glute workout into a cardio routine. Do your glutes exercises for a maximum of 45 minutes.

You should also know that it is the intensity that matter not the length of workout sessions. Do cardio another day. Just focus on your butt when you do squats.

8.      Glutes Activation Routine

Do not forget to activate your glutes before you start the squats. Make sure you fire up your glutes before you do the squats by using some hip resistance bands.

They will help to open your glutes and you will see the growth in the butt easily.

5 Additional Bum Exercises to Get a Bigger Bum

Here are five additional bum exercises to help you get a bigger bum. The exercises are the Goblet squat, Dumbbell deadlift; Curtsy lunge and Swiss Ball Bridge and Single leg squat. Do them and share your results here to encourage others.

For instructions on how to perform this moves please see this article.

How many squats a day to get a bigger bum?

As you now know how to do squats properly for a bigger bum, you should also know that the number of times you do it in a day is not the key to getting a bigger bum. However, you must do it properly and consistently until you get the results.

In addition, experts recommend that you do a set of 10 to 20 squats per day and do it 3 times in a week. If you are starting newly you can do 20 body weight squats per day.

And if you are using weight then aim for less reps with heavier weight. 8 to15 is a great start.

Furthermore, do one type of squats and keep practicing.


In this post, we showed you how to do squats properly for a bigger bum. Also, we gave you a list of ways to activate your glutes to fire it up for muscles building, gave you some exercise routines you can do to get bigger bum and also told you the number of squats you can do per day to get fast results. Do them and send feedback here.

Final thought, to really build big butt, you need a combination of proper squat with other glute exercises. You cannot see massive result with one exercises only. And here is post of some other great buttocks exercises to add to squat.

We hope this article helps you to get a bigger butt.

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