Does Eating Bananas, Mayonnaise, Peanut Butter or Milk make your butt bigger(FIND OUT IF THEY DO)

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The answers to these 4 commonly asked questions WILL surprise you.

So I was searching for something on the internet last week and then I discovered so many people were confused about the effect of banana, peanut butter, mayonnaise and milk on the bum.

Then I decided to answer 4 of the most common direct questions that no one has written about yet. 

I really hope this throw more light on this topic and how the foods contribute to helping you build bigger booty and to your general well-being as well.

So let’s just get to it, here are the questions we will be answering in this article.

4 Bigger Bu*tt Questions Answered.

  • Does eating bananas make your butt bigger? or Do bananas make your but big?
  • Does milk make your buttocks bigger?
  • Does peanut butter make your bum bigger?
  • Does mayonnaise make your bum bigger?

Before I begin answering each of the questions one after the other,  I want you to know that all 6  food classes of food are necessary for building and growing a healthy booty.

They all play one role or the other in the process, however, there are 3 main class that are necessary and a must to have in your meal if you really want to grow big booty muscle.

You can not neglect these 3 class, they are collectively called macro-nutrients.

And they include: carbohydrates, fat and protein these are the pillar of your muscle growth and booty growth.

Have in mind that exercise is necessary for whatever you eat to directly affect the butt else you will be putting on weight all over the body if you eat excessively above your calories requirement per day.

Now that we’ve established the 3 main classes of food you need to get a bigger butt,  let’s take look at where each of these foods group mentioned in question belongs and how they contribute to helping your butt growth.

Do Bananas Make Your But Big?

So the first question is do banana make your butt big? The short answer to this question is no.

And a long answer to it is yes only if you combine it with other food that helps grow the booty. You can see a list of some we recommend here.

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So when I give you a no answer it means that eating just banana will not make your butt big because it doesn’t have close the nutrients needed to really grow bigger booty in a scientific point of view.

There are a whole lot of processed your body undergoes for it to generate new muscle the process requires so many other nutrients to successfully happen.

And banana only contains a portion of those nutrients which is mainly carbohydrate and a few vitamins.

For instance, your butt muscle can only grow when it has enough protein to repair and regenerate new cell and tissue after you have done an intense body workout.

The carbohydrate, on the other hand, is also important to prevent your body from using up protein when you’re doing your butt workout, same with fat.

How then can banana make your butt big?

Like I said earlier for the banana to make your butt big you need to combine it with other food that is necessary for building the butt up.

The primary food class responsible for that is protein because they are the ones the create new muscles and cell which leads to bigger butt if that is your focus muscle during training.

While carbs and fat are energy sources, however, the help with the muscle building process because if you don’t eat enough of them, your body can start using protein for energy instead of using them to build new muscle.

So you need to eat your banana in moderation and also eat protein then perform your booty exercise and everything is finished.

When is The Best Time to Eat Banana?

Banana is a high energy food and as such, I will advise you to eat them whenever you have a need for high energy. This could before, during or after your workout session.

And for some person, the ripe banana could be eaten throughout the day as a way to quench their sugar cravings and manage their calorie for the day.

Banana is healthy food for almost everybody, but be moderate with the quantity you consume daily because it is easy to overeat and pack on excess calorie above what is needed with banana.

Does Milk Make Your But*tocks Bigger?

The answer to this one is yes,  straight forward answer because milk directly affects the muscle growth process. That is because it has a lot of protein and protein is a primary nutrient for growing muscle which I mentioned earlier.

So drinking milk will make your booty bigger but be sure not take an excess of it, it’s a dairy protein Which can make you put on fat all heavily.

Ideally, it is best you take it in moderation and combine it with other protein sources to reach your protein requirement per day.

The recommended amount of protein to eat in a day for booty or muscle growth is 0.8gram  per pound of your body weight or you go for 1.5 to 2.5 gram/kg of your body weight.

You can take a look at a detailed list of high protein sources and their protein content here.

Does Peanut Butter Make Your B*um Bigger?

How about peanut butter? well, the answer to this one is also yes. Peanut butter can make your butt bigger because it contains fat and enough protein.

But they are plant-based protein and not complete sources of protein with the 9  essential amino acids that are necessary for building bigger butt muscle.

so you need to combine peanut butter with complete sources of protein for them really work.

Again you can look at this list of high protein food listed in the article and the protein content in each category.

What is the best time to eat peanuts to lose fat?

There is no good or bad time to eat peanut butt.

However, if you are working on losing body fat, studies show that the best start of your morning with food rich in fat and protein.

Peanut butt seems to full in this category so I say it is ok to eat peanut butter in the morning.

This not imply that you still cannot eat peanut butter in the evening. For a fact, what matters most when trying to lose body fat is a total caloric deficit daily.

When is the Best Time to Eat Peanut Butter to Grow buttocks muscle?

The primary thing when trying to build muscle is to eat on a calorie surplus. It doesn’t really matter when you eat any kind of food.

So you can eat peanut butter any time, be it morning, afternoon or evening, it won’t really matter as long as you eat enough total calorie for the day.

This is when you get the most muscle size.

Does Mayonnaise Make Your Bu*m Bigger?

The last one on the list here is mayonnaise do they make your bum bigger? The answer to this one is no simple.

They only contain fat and like the carbohydrates, they perform the same role which is to provide energy in the body during a workout session so you can execute your workout effectively.

Though they also help protect some vital organs in your body, binge eating mayonnaise will not directly make your bum bigger.

They will only make you gain a lot of fat all over your body which necessary is not just going to your bum, but mostly your belly, love handles and arms, depending on where you naturally will store the most fat.

A moderate amount of mayonnaise is what you need in a day.

The macro portion chart below should give you a rough guide of the quantity of protein, fat and carbohydrate to eat daily when measuring the physical portion.

Final Note.

Though I focused on the  3 main muscle/booty building nutrients in this article, which is fat, carbs, and protein.

Please know that you also need to be eating daily, the remaining 3 food class if you want a well-developed butt MUSCLE.

If you lack the essential vitamins that will keep you strong and healthy to perform your booty training, protein carbohydrate and fat will not save you.

So you need all the food class including water.

I hope I was able to answer the listed questions accurately.?

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