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This is the article for you if Have you been trying different back of thigh exercises, and there isn’t any much improvement? I will show our 4 BEST EXERCISE FOR BACK OF THIGHs. All that is needed is for you to follow the routine 3 times weekly. That is how to target back of thighs with the right kind of back thigh workout.

Although, specific spots like the thigh can be difficult to work on and, may require you embrace some cardio activities to help you achieve your goal.

There’re great exercises for back of thigh; these exercises does not only help to strengthen the thighs, but it also improves the hamstring, glutes, and legs too.

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To target the back of thigh with back thigh workout, you need to perform a back thigh workout that specifically hits the back thigh muscles.

The thigh is made up of three strong muscles namely: the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh, the quadriceps muscles in the front of the thigh, and the adductor muscles located inside.

If you are trying to target back thigh you will need to be doing leg exercises that focus or a focused hamstring exercises and the hamstrings has a lot of other tiny tiny tissues.

Your aim is to work the muscles of the hamstrings.

Most thigh exercises target the entire thighs with most emphasis on the quad and not hamstrings and so will not make much of a difference performing them to work the back of the thighs like hamstrings.

And if you’ve tried out some back of thigh exercises and didn’t see much changes, here are some other thigh exercises with great testimonies that we could attest to.

In this article, I present you my top 4 best exercises for back of thigh and they are listed below:


#1. Sumo Deadlift  (best back thigh workout 1)

The sumo deadlift exercise is one of the best exercises for back of thigh. The sumo deadlift exercise is primarily a strength lifting-movement kind of exercise that targets the thigh, legs and glutes in both the upper and lower body. This form of exercise can also help improve hip flexibility.

The sumo deadlift exercise makes it easier when lifting heavier weights.

This exercise is very good for back of thigh, but, it can be wholly dangerous. If you must perform this exercise, make sure you understand the best and safer approach to performing it.

How to do sumo deadlift?

To do this exercise and not getting yourself hurt,

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart a little wider with a set of dumbbells in front of you.

Now, rotate your feet away from the midline of your body so they’re turned out 30 to 45 degrees angle.

Bend at the hips, while doing this, make sure you keep your chest up and driving your hips back as you reach your hands down to grab the dumbbells with an overhand grip.

Take a deep breath and engage your core as you continue.

Also ensure you keep your spine straight as you squeeze your glutes, thrust your hips forward and raise the dumbbells as you straighten your legs to stand.

Now slowly lower the weights back to the floor.

#2. Romanian Deadlift (best back thigh workout 2 )

The Romanian Deadlift is also a good back of thigh exercise. The exercise if done properly, enhances hip flexibility, improves joint actions and strengthens muscles.
It also helps in your hamstrings and low back.

The Romanian deadlift exercise movement is mostly used by weightlifters, athletes to develop strength and buildup in the posterior chain.

How to do Romanian deadlift?

You begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart, holding a barbell at thigh level. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart.

Holding a bar at hip level with your palms facing down.

For a starting position, make sure your shoulders are back, with your back arched, and your knees slightly bent.

Now, try to lower the bar by moving your butt back.

Make sure you keep the bar close to your body, your head looking forward, and your shoulders back.

With this, you should be able to reach the maximum range of your hamstring flexibility just below the knee.

At the bottom of your range of motion, return to the starting position and contract your glutes to extend at your hips and stand up.

#3. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift ( best back thigh workout3)

The single leg Romanian deadlift is an amazing back of thigh exercise. The interesting thing about this kind of exercise is that it actually focuses on the whole body.  Yet, it has the ability to work the entire lower extremity posterior chain, thereby enhancing balance.

The single-leg deadlift exercise targets the back of your legs, hips, and hamstrings.

How to do Single-leg Romanian deadlift?

This type of exercise is simple to an extent. But in doing this, make sure you target the specific area.

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent and raise one leg off the floor.

Flex the knee on your standing/support leg. This will help to activate the glutes.

Do not switch the bent knee, keep your back arched, bent at your hips, and then lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor.

Briefly pause at the bottom, then squeeze your glutes, thrust your hips forward, and raise your torso back to the starting position.

You can also perform this exercise using a dumbbell.

How it is done

Start slowly and work your way up.

Make sure you are holding the weight in the opposite hand of your work leg. Whatever hand is holding the weight that same leg is reaching back on the down motion of the exercise.

Try to keep your neck in a neutral position as you perform the movement.

Slowly, push your hips back on the down phase and squeeze the glutes as you stand all the way back up.

Do not lock out the knee on your standing/support leg.

Still on that position, extend it back as much as possible with the toes pointing down to gain the full benefit.

#4. Barbell Hip Thrust ( best back thigh workout 4)

The barbell hip thrust exercise is amongst the popular thigh exercises that can provide you with some quick and positive results in no distant time.

The barbell hip thrust exercise primarily helps to strengthen the lower back and leg muscles, glute muscles.

It also helps in improving body posture and hip flexibility.

How to do Barbell Hip Thrust exercise?

To carry out this exercise effectively, you’re to sit on the ground with a bench directly behind you.

 Have a loaded barbell over your legs.

Put padding around your barbell to prevent it from digging into your hips when you thrust.

Now, Place your upper back on your bench with your barbell across your hips.

Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, close to your glutes.

Drive your hips skyward, and make sure you engage your core and abs.

Keep the movement in the lower body as much possible as you can.

Hold on this position for 10 seconds, then lower to your starting position.

Repeat this for better result.

Final Note:

It’s imperative to take note of that improving your wellness does not really mean getting more fit. Be that as it may, if getting less fatty and changing your body piece is additionally an objective, you’ll have to consume a lesser number of calories than you expend.

A significant number of the above exercises will burn calories / fat and strengthen your muscles at the same time.

But keep in mind, shedding weight gradually is the most ideal approach to keep up back thigh fat.

The Centers for Disease Control and PreventionTrusted Source (CDC) prescribes losing around one to two pounds for each week. Individuals who keep a healthy and suitable eating habits are the ones that to keep the weight off.

It’s likewise essential to abstain from going on an outrageous eating routine that removes one nutritional category, as carbs, or is amazingly low calorie, notes Bouzinova.

For a healthy eating pattern to help you lose weight please  read this article how to reduce hips and thigh fat in 15 days.

Also, the advantages of weight reduction go route past style. As indicated by a recent report, losing creeps in the thighs, hips, and hindquarters may bring down other hazard factors for coronary illness

So those are our top 4 best exercise for back of thighs perform the 4 exercises 3 times per week is all you need to start losing the thigh fat while strengthening the hamstrings with exercises.

This is how to target back of thighs with effective and specific back thigh workout.