10 Best Butt Lifter Pants / Shorts (2019) + Body Shaper Buttock Lifter

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Let us face it if you have been doing a lot of butts performing rigorous workout to get a well-rounded bigger butt;  then the next sensible thing to do is get a butt lifter shorts or a hip dips pads.

I wrote a detailed article on that hip shapewear,  see it here.  This post if focused on bum lift pants and the best body shaper buttock lifter this year

Although butt lifers will not speed up your results, it will help you to stay focused on your goal.

Another important thing you should know is that for the butt lifter shorts to work for you, you must pass these two requirements.

They include:

  • #1. Doing a boot workout routine consistently
  • #2 And eating healthy nutritious food to pile up good calories to burn into butt muscles.

Furthermore, in this post, we will show you how to do right butt workout routines that you can learn to use to help you develop that big booty that you have been longing for.

So you may ask …


This is a carefully designed female tight underwear that is fitted to lift and make your butt firm. Also, it will help to shape your body.

When you wear this underwear it firms up your skin and muscles to give your body its true curves and shape. It also gives you that nice fit and the confidence to gracefully move around. I must say that wearing butt lifter shorts will increase the size of your butts.

The finest feature this undergarment has is that you don’t need padding with it. Also, it has a flexible fabric that shows the exact shapes of your body.


The shapewear is designed to not only fasten your Butt workout outcomes but also helps to raise your cheeks due to the fabric it is made of. Furthermore, it is an ordinary elastic pull design making it easy to use.

The but lifter shorts have different designs that you can get in the market. They are those with no cut-outs, double cut-outs and those with supportive bands. and you have the ones a high waist shaping and butt lift also. Let us look at all the varieties a little closer.

10 Best Butt Lifter Pants / Shorts (2019) + Body Shaper Buttock Lifter

1. Butt shaper with supportive Bands

Supportive Bands are ordinary designs made with flexible fabric. They are mainly white pairs that resemble garter bands. In addition, you wear these bands on the upper thighs of both legs.

This Butt raiser comes with a supportive band that is just below the cheeks of your Butt, giving your booty that curve it needs to make it rounder raised higher.

Furthermore, this Supportive band design is comfortable and you can wear it under all types of dresses and you will notice and feel the impact as it lifts your cheeks.

2. Butt lifter with buttocks out

These ones have cutouts in the back. They may look odd at first but when you begin to use them you would notice that they work.

Also, this design works because of the way they are positioned to push up your butt muscles with the support of elastic material technology.

Similarly, this butt lifter works by making sure the butt size is held and controlled into the right places. Moreover, because it is cut out, your butt cheeks remain uncovered while the supportive bands work below your butt cheeks.

3. Butt shaper with co cut-outs

You can get this type of Butt shaper with no cutouts if you don’t like the ones that are cut out. However, they all work the same way as they are designed to increase the size of your butt and shape it.

Also, this design is tighter because it has more flexibility. And, it is made of lightweight cloth that shows off the curves of your booty.


If you use this butt lifter shorts it will help you to get your booty dreams quickly. However, we must warn that buying these shorts only will not do the work. You will need to do your usual butt workout routines constantly.

The highest benefit you can get from these butt sharper shorts is that it works on your butts the whole day as you move about.

Also, you can wear it under all sorts of dresses with ease because they are handy, comfortable and supple on your body.

Are there any disadvantages to using butt lifter shorts?

The only problem that we can see is that the cutout designs are weird and also amusing. But the fact is that the cutout versions are the most effective to use. Also, because it is cut out should not be a problem at all since you will be wearing it under your dress.

Where can I buy butt lifter shorts?

There are many sellers on the internet and searching through these would not only be time-consuming but also difficult.

So, we would like to recommend that you buy these exercise kits from Amazon because they are a trusted name in the industry. They are also reliable with a reputation to protect.

So, in this post, we have compiled a list of the 10 best butt lifter shorts suppliers on Amazon. Quickly, let us see the list now.


This brand is one of the best in the market as they make the finest shapewear for women. They are designed to be close to invisible and you can wear them in any season and under any dress.

Also, when you use this brand, it will instantly help to boost the volume of your booty and shape your hips and acts as real support for your butt throughout the whole day.

It also works on your tummy and waist by giving them the right contours. Therefore, if you wish to have the hourglass shape then get this butt lifter by Lanfei on Amazon now.


This is one of the most highly sought after brands in the market today. This butt lifter shorts is not padded. Also, it flattens your tummy and gives you a slim waist. The only problem this brand has is the sizes. So, look out for this flaw and make sure you select the size that fits you well. Get it on Amazon.


This is another great design that can fit under your clingy dress. It is also supple and without any flaws. The maker cuts this brand’s butt shaper small to give your butt the support it needs all day.  Also, it is like Spanx although this one is higher and has a tougher back lift. Get it on Amazon.


This butt shaper does more work than to shape your butt. Also, it shapes and tones other areas of your body to give you the hourglass look you desire. This brand is designed with a high waist technology to shape and improve your booty as you wear it. In addition, there are few butt lifter shorts with both features. In this brand, these functions work with ease. Get it On Amazon.


This butt lifter deserves a place in this list. If you like your booty lifter padded, then you must get this brand. It is part of the best sellers on Amazon and also boasts, as the best-padded butt lifter on sale in the market. Another good feature is that you can buy two pairs of booty pads, get one that is thin and another that is thick and smoothly alter them to your dress. Get it on Amazon.


This brand is one of the best butt lifters that you can get that works to improve your booty. Also, you can wear it with ease yet it shapes your tummy, waist, and butt at the same time. Remember that these areas are the problem areas most women face.

Furthermore, one of its strong design features is that it’s a center back seam, does not move because it is supported. This helps to expand your hips and waist without causing any discomfort. Get it on Amazon.


Are you looking for a way to look slim? If yes, then this brand is the best for you. This butt lifter is also a thigh slimmer and you can wear it on your dress without you feeling it because it is as light as a feather.

This goes a long way to shape and care for your curves. Moreover, it is also flexible and you can wear it for all occasions. However, if you are confused by the number of brands in this post, then choose this one. Get it on Amazon.


This is another butt shaper that fits you perfectly and does heavy work of molding your booty curves throughout the day. It is fitted with internal latex to give you Thermal power that burns surplus fat from your butt and tummy. So, if you wish to get much more for your money choose this brand. Get it on Amazon.


If you want your dream body to show up suddenly, then you must get this awesome booty underwear without straps. This booty lifter helps to sculpt your body. You can wear it daily under your dress. It helps to compress your body yet it is still comfortable to use.

Furthermore, its best feature is that it has liposuction compression technology integrated into the design. This helps to trim your stomach fat and boosts your booty too. Get it on Amazon.


This brand will not only slim your thighs but also give you a bigger butt. It is made to raise your booty and make your legs smooth. Also, you can wear it under any dress comfortably. In addition, it comes in various sizes that easily adjusts to your body and fits you as you can wear it. Get it on Amazon.


In keeping to our promise earlier, here is a very valuable booty workout routine that you can do with ease.

We have many butt work videos but these booty routines will make your gluteus to grow and become animated. Watch the video below. For more booty workout can do at home please check out this article


In this post, we brought 10 amazing best butt lifter shorts for booty shaping that is easy to get, comfortable, flexible and helps to carve the hourglass shape body, you love to have.

They come in various sizes with different features like liposuction compression capacity, tummy trimming and hip boosting too. These are the Best Butt Lifter and body shaper buttock lifter in market right now.

Get one of bum lift pants and live the dream life you have always had in mind.