8 TOP Butt Cream & Pills for Big Bum( Products to Make Your Buttocks Bigger Naturally)

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When you talk about products to make your buttocks bigger, I’m usually very careful about it. Our body and health is something we can’t joke with.

There is no 2 life and why years back I had when this very annoying flat back that affected my confidence, it took me months of reseach trying to figure out what to eat, estrogen pills for buttocks to drink and glute boost cream to apply on my buttocks just to make them come out a little.

And I landed on a few of these products that I will show you shortly.

I tried quite a lot of stuff that did not work, but exercise and a few pills which will be showing you in this article is what did the trick for me.

So let’s get started.

If you have energy and strength, I advise you to try performing buttocks and hips exercises, they may most recommend a way of enlarging your buttocks.

And if you don’t like to work out then these my top bigger butt and hip enhancer creams and pills.

For those, you that like to work out here are a list of effective buttocks exercise programs to choose from to get those bigger and well-shaped and lifted butt.

What about Butt surgery, Can you consider butt augmentation?

My opinion on any form of augmentation is personal but if like to hear it here it is.

I will never, never advise you to do any form of buttocks augmentation surgery, be it the Brazilian butt lift or implants.

I feel they too risky, your life is more precious for that sort of dangerous procedure.

 If you decide to route for any kind of augmentation, just be aware of the risk involved and complications from it.

With said, here are my 8 best products to make your buttocks bigger in the market consider if exercise is not your thing.

The list will include both bum enhancement cream, vitamins for bigger buttocks and pills for bigger hips and thighs/butt.

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Top 8 Creams & Pills for Bigger Buttocks Review


#1. Booty Boost Extreme Lotion Enhancement

I starting up this review with one of my all-time favourite Butt enhancement product. This lotion has an unmatched mix of ingredients and vitamins for bigger buttocks.

These vitamins increase and stimulate adipose tissue which helps to more fat storage cells on the bum.


Because this is cream, it takes a long time and consistent effort for a very long time.

The lotion has a smooth and silky texture that will allow you easily spread it on your butt and hips.

It takes just 30 seconds for this lotion to totally absorb to your buttocks.

The extreme lotion has all-natural booty boasting ingredients that will offer a permanent solution to flat–assed individuals like I used to be without any risk.

You are guaranteed of fuller and bigger buttocks if you use it regularly. It also has a nice fragrance.


It takes some time before you will see a result like that of Kim k perky booty but it sure what the waist.

You can enhancement and facilitate your results by combining it with Booty boost extreme pills in the picture.

My take

Booty Boost Lotion may be slow, but it sure is long-lasting. I recommend it to anyone looking for a long term solution and has the heart to wait patiently.

You can check the price for Booty Boost Extreme Lotion Enhancement here, on Amazon the price is always changing.

#2. Sol De Janiero Brazilian Butt  Cream

I am in astonishment of Brazilian babes with their beach-ready body whenever I look at their blessed backside.

It gets me wondering if it is purely genetics or there is some kinder of the secret behind it all?

The creators of this formula uncovered the secret and came up with pure magic formula in a jar 

It can be used on any part of the body that needs an extra boost or lift be it bum, arms and even boobs.


The formula is richly infused with Guarana – a Brazilian favourite ingredient used to stimulate blood flow keeping your skin tight and lifted.

It also has Cupuacu Butter that intensely moisturizes the deep areas of your bum.

Coconut oil imparts a silky feel on your butts by soothing and tightening them. There is mica which helps to give your buttocks an instant glow upon application.

Surprisingly the thick cream has a light honeyed texture that smoothly glides over your skin. It’s therefore effortlessly absorbed without leaving a greasy or oily feel.

The unique blend of ingredients has imposed an enthralling nutty smell on the creamy formula.


The smell may be too strong for some to stand.

There is no money back guarantee for this product.

My take

This cream will give you that coveted Brazilian Bum Bum if used as directed.

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#3. Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Cream

Gluteboost raves about being the pioneers and leaders in the butt enhancement cream world and for a good reason.

They have backed up their plumping and firming motto with two of the most sought after ingredients in this industry. It works by stimulating fat cells causing them to plump up pancake booties like mine.


The formula contains Voluplus and Volufiline which are famously known to amp up the volume while tightening and smoothing out skin. The ingredients concentrate work on your behind from the inside and out. As the main ingredients penetrate your skin and promote the growth of adipose tissue, cocoa butter and aloe improve the outside. You’ll have a gorgeous looking tight butt with decreased stretch marks and cellulite.

The all natural formula is not only impressive in the firming and butt boosting front. It also has a delicious smell and is non-sticky. The product is completely gentle on your skin.

It has an impressive online community that is genuinely concerned about your progress. The forum allows you to share your experience and what’s great is that the Gluteboost admin chips in the discussion.

They offer a money back guarantee after four months of use. Albeit this is fairly standard with most creams, it still accords you a piece of mind.


Gluteboost has a condition attached to their money back guarantee policy that is lacking in other products. It is only valid if you have pictures to back up your claim of not achieving any results. Note the emphasis on any.

There is a bit controversy about how long it takes before you can boast of visible results. Some say it took them as little as five days while others assert they had to wait for a full year to achieve full results.

My take

I recommend this cream to anyone who desires an effective all natural butt enhancement cream that will change both the inside and out.

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#4. Isosensuals Curve Cream

After this creamy formula snagged the lead in 2015, it’s natural it earned a spot in this review. The creators of Isosensuals aim to gift you with those jaw-dropping buns that could balance a glass of water. This is fairly evident with its all natural cream that boasts of highly active ingredients.


If you’re not new in the booty beauty products scene, you’ll agree that chemical-laden products are frowned upon.

The dangers often outweigh the benefits in most cases. Nature has extended its nurturing hand to us in the form of Isosensuals.

Instead of adding one more pollutant in the universe you can support both yourself and the environment with this Voluplus infused cream.

A product boasting of all natural ingredients doesn’t hold water till it can match in potency and efficiency.

With ingredients such as Voluplus, Almond Oil, and Coconut Oil, you can be assured of a rounder tighter and fuller butt with an up to 18% increase.

We are all aware of the cheap tactics the beauty industry uses to sell us substandard products at the price of a champion.

The USA based manufacturers take pride in their product and offer a money back guarantee policy. If you are not pleased with the product within 60 days, you’ll be fully reimbursed once you return it.

With Isosensuals you are not only promised results but also safety. It’s clinically tested and proved to be devoid of adverse effects.

Many butt enhancing products in the market are filled with hormones and paraben for faster booty pumping. These usually result in weight gain in unwanted places. This will never occur with Isosensuals.


It’s a bit highly priced compared to its counterparts. For the cost I incurred I anticipated more than just 6oz in the bottle.

Albeit long-lasting, significant results will only be seen after eight weeks of use or more.

My take

I recommend Isosensuals to any lady that needs a double whammy tush to back up her gorgeous curves. If you’re looking for faster results, I would recommend you use it in conjunction with Isosensuals Butt Enhancement Pills.


#5. Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Cream

Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Cream has a unique blend of all natural ingredients that do justice to your bum bum.

An added perk is it works on your hips and thighs accentuating your figure in all the right places.

Think of Nicki Minaj’s gorgeous hips or JLO sexy behind. Yeap, I can see you drooling at the thought of it.


I always say any manufacturer who wants customers to keep rolling in need to be sufficiently generous with their products.

It seems like Booty Magic got the memo. Each bottle will last you a whole 60 days. They offer a great bargain for the cost.

The formula is fortified with 100% natural ingredients that aid in increasing the fat in the buttocks.

This will make your booty toned and dense. The smell was a welcome delight; nature could never steer you wrong.

I also really liked the silky feel left by this cream on my skin. Ever heard of the saying as soft as a baby’s bottom? Well, I would like to amend it to as smooth as a booty magic bottom!

Booty Magic is free from side effects owing to its all-natural formula. It also lacks phytoestrogens that tend to cause weight gain. It only targets the hips, thighs, and butts.

If you’re not yet sold, I believe the 60-day money back guarantee will bring it home. This assures you that the manufacturers are confident their product will pass your scrutiny after a whole two months.


Well, it may be magic, but it certainly doesn’t occur in the blink of an eye. You’ll need to wait for at least a month to report on visible changes.

If you’re looking for faster results, I would recommend you use it in conjunction with their pills.

Another thing I didn’t like so much was the size increment of my butt. Don’t get me wrong; I did feel my buttocks get firmer, but the growth was minimal.

My take

If a toned firm butt is what you’re after, then Booty Magic will deliver exceptional results.

It works best as a finishing cream after servicing your behind with another butt enhancement cream.

You know just to add a little extra firmness and get rid of jiggles.

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#6 Major Curves B*tt En*hancement Cream

With just two months of use, you will indeed be boasting of major curves! See what I did there. The product not only works on your booty but also gives you bigger and fuller hips and thighs. It’s uniquely formulated with a blend of all natural ingredients like lipidmaxx.


Lipid maxx is a composition of three main ingredients; Macca Root, Pueraria mirifica, and Commipheroline. They work in perfect harmony to beef up your behind. Commipheroline will promote adipose tissue proliferation while Macca and Pueraria will stimulate hormones that aid in butt growth.

The all natural formula assures you of safety devoid of any side effects. The manufacturers capitalized on this by making it in FDA registered facilities.

This is probably becoming old, but it’s still worth mentioning. They have a money back guarantee policy. No gain; no fuss no conditions.

The amped up booty is not just a temporary swelling. The results are long lasting owing to the increased fat cell formation.


There are quite some herbs in the formula that aim to regulate hormones. There is a possibility that you may gain weight in areas you are already content with the size.

Many of those who have faulted it alleges they didn’t see any results after one month of use. For maximal effect, it has to be paired with major curves butt enhancement pills.

My take

Major curves have a fairly high success rate when it comes to getting bigger fuller buttocks hips and thighs.

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#7. B**ty Perfect Butt Enhancement Cream

I loved the fact that Booty Perfect not only plumps up fat cells but also hydrates protects and firms your skin. I had an awful dip at the top of my rear, but booty perfect left everything nice and tight. Their all natural formula is simply perfect!


It has two tiers of ingredients. There’s the collagen and fat promoting ones like Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract.

This act by renewal and regeneration of collagen hence aiding in the process of cell growth. The second tier is skin tightening and hydrating ingredients.

This is achieved by dousing the formula with raspberry ketone, Vitamin E, and Jojoba seed. This will eventually graft your booty giving it a rounder fuller accentuated look.

The formula is not only effective, but 100% safety is guaranteed. The all natural ingredients play a significant role in this regard. An added advantage is it is completely hormone and paraben free.

You’ll get a great value with B**ty Perfect. Each bottle has a whole 2 months worth of creamy goodness.

For those who are sceptical, you have the option of 60-day money back guarantee.


To achieve maximum results you have to faithfully use for a whole six months. Even then you may come up short if you haven’t paired it with Booty Perfect butt enhancement pills.

My take

Booty perfect is an all-around solution that not only boosts skin collagen but also smoothes out cellulite.

Combining the cream with the pills here is what will give you the best result.

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#8. Honeydew Natural B*tt En*hancement Cream

It is an all natural cream that’s fortified with ingredients meant to expertly tone and plump up your rump. With a stellar 4.2 rating, you are assured there has to be some truth to go with all the hype generated.


It has natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter and Avocado oil that stimulate collagen production for that wobbly bubbly butt. The ingredients also have moisturizing properties capable of softening your derriere.

Honeydew has to be one of the most fairly priced products in the industry. The first time I purchased it, I thought was being sold a counterfeit till I confirmed the price online.

The natural mix of ingredients attained a freshly scented formula that will have you looking forward to applying the cream each day.


The somewhat thick paste is not easily absorbed by the skin, but that’s no reason to toss it out the window. Just be a little patient or use a body wrap.

My take


This like my least favourite products to make your buttocks bigger

But if you’re short of cash but still in need of that cream to make your buttocks bigger, honey this is the way to go.

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My Final Thought to Bear In Mind

Please know that for these products to make your buttocks bigger you have used them for a reasonable amount of time and they have their own unique properties and vitamins for bigger buttocks.

Which workout differently for different persons. Try to also look at the customer reviews on the product page.

I would advise you to take your time to correctly pick the one that meets your personal booty needs.

If you do not like to take pills then stick to the bum enhancement cream otherwise, I strongly recommend you combine the pills and cream for those that have both.

If like to know my best option anytime is Isosensuals Curve Cream  AND my second best is,  major curve.