How to Get a Rounder Bum & Hips (15 Min Routine ) Butt Exercises to Make Your Bum Bigger and Rounder

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If you are trying to build your butt at home, there are a couple of little tweaks you could make to your booty workout routine to get real results fast.

The video below has exercises to make your bum bigger and rounder.

This 15 Minutes workout on how to get a rou*nder bum is the perfect workout routine for you if you like to workout at home and not the gym.

It has most of the best bum exercises to get a bigger bum and at the same time will round the butt.

So what you want to do is just play the video and follow along while applying the instruction in the videos.

You will also need an ankle weight for you to build your butt at home.

 That is non-negotiable, bodyweight exercises alone cannot get you much results but when you start using weight, you will create the level of tension that your body cannot generate on it own which will false your butt to grow and round up.

You can get an ankle weight for cheap on amazon here see this affordable one I found here.

In addition to a proper training routine on how to get a rounder bum and hips, it is vital that you eat healthy and most especially, you need some very necessary nutrients.

This article on 51 FOODS THAT GO TO THE HIPS COVER all the essential food class you should include in your meal daily to see results faster.



15 Min Routine on How to Get a Rou*nder Bum & Hips (Butt Exercises to Make your B*um Bigger and Rou*nder)

You will need to perform this routine for 3 to 5 days per week. Feel free to increase the number of rounds or sets you perform for each day. Try to always push yourself harder than the previous session while been conscious of your form so you prevent injury.

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